Virtual Simulation Center

Racer Development & Management is the only marketing agency in North Carolina with our own in-house professional motion simulator. Not every driver has access to the Toyota or Chevrolet private simulators. We offer access to our Crimson Simulation machine for some valuable track time prior to going to a big race. Our simulator is state of the art and considered the ultimate professional level simulator solution available today!

Variable driving positions for Late Models, NASCAR, Touring. Full 3-axis of motion including Pitch, Roll and Heave with 1G of acceleration.

High torque professional force feedback steering system as used by Formula 1 and other professional teams, can feel understeer, terrain fluctuations, snap oversteer.

Advanced pedals with brake force up to 300 lbs, hydraulic damping, adjustable travel, feel, angle, clutch bite point. ​​

Worldwide laser scanned circuits and incredibly detailed car models across all formulas and classes.

​Full driving data analysis​ to improve performance together with professional engineer alongside.

driving training

Driver Training

At 101 Performance Rd, Mooresville, NC 28115

Seat time on professional racing simulators.  Any car, any track.  Telemetry data available.  Feel free to bring your racing coach.

We recommend 4+ hours of seat time before a track event.  If you are new to simulators, 2 hours at a time will be sufficient.  If you are a sim veteran, feel free to book up to 4 hours.